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Time and money are two things that most people would admit they want more of, but saving what we have of them is not always easy. Businesses, however, must prioritize savings because doing so is often what keeps them afloat. The easiest way we can help your company save time and money is by controlling projects with adept project management.

Scope of our Services

Benefit from over 35 years’ experience in the industry which is applied and used in our construction management and consulting services. Our services are also further developed by research into global trends and tailored to work for our clients.

Construction Management

We ensure timely, cost-effective, and high-quality delivery of construction projects. We Understand Building Regulations. Oversee Supply Chains, Cash Flow, Client Relationships, and More.

Fast & Smooth Project Delivery

Improve Project Delivery with Customizable Construction Project Consulting from, Short and long-term planning, effective management of the project's schedule, cost, quality

Quantity Surveying

Our Quantity Surveying services include: Cost planning and cost management · Ad hoc and due diligence services · Procurement, tendering and Value management from project inception & Final revenue against cost comparisons.

What more do we have for you?

We provide all our clients with effective project planning, management schedule, cost, & quality controls.

24/7 Access to CPD

This means you can stay up to date with market activity, changes in legislation and practices in building and construction areas of specialisation.

Project Estimating

We can assist you to accurately estimate essential elements to a project, providing a base and the easiest way to manage your projects.

Claims, Dispute,and Arbitration Support

We specialize in construction law which includes common law, and extends to disruption claims, extension of time claims, loss and expense claims and more.

Schedule and Cost Controlling​

Adhering to project schedule and costs is a critical part of project delivery, involving adept costs and project time control measures.

Commercial / Contractual Services

We can assist you with Growth & Operations under legally binding agreements providing you the best commercial contracts.

Project Controls

Leverage our expertise to influence the amount of time or money that will be allocated & spent on projects. Specifically focusing on quality control and processes in order to save you time and money.

Project Management

Our focus is on keeping our clients' entire project on track, including people, processes, and deliverables.

Development Training

We facilitate development of unique skills in civil engineering and construction to help you achieve industry Success.

Project Recovery Planning

We can assist you with a well-designed project recovery plan that takes project scheduling, scope of work, financial obligations, resource management, and site details into consideration.

Services we Provide
Make the Greatest Impact.

At UKUTHEMBEKA CCC you deal directly with the shareholders / owners while having the benefit of significant experience and long-standing connections in the industry. The primary goal is to add value to your company, by providing independent, impartial and value driven advice in the areas of Procedures, Measurements, Cost Management, Operations, Claims Management, Settlements, Construction Management and Disputes

Specific Service Area Deliverables

Understand the processes and deliverable we cover and  understand the time and costs spent on a project. Timely & thorough recognition of project needs.

This service consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Construction Budgets.
  • Tenders.
  • Planning & Programming.
  • Setup of project allowables.

Should you require any other Estimating service not indicated above, we request that you contact UKUTHEMBEKA CCC which will assist with the matter swiftly.

Quantity Surveying is one of many services which UKUTHEMBEKA CCC provides. This service consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Setup of measurement sheets for monthly Interim Payment Certificates and Final Statements.
  • Measurement and valuation of works in accordance with the contract.
  • Calculation of escalation, rise, and fall, contractual claims, variations, etc.
  • Prepare and manage monthly Interim Payment Certificates and Final Statements.
  • Identification, valuing, and manage Variations / Amendments.
  • Setup of registers for correspondence, instructions, variation orders, etc.
  • Liaise with Clients, Consultants, Employers, and Engineers.
  • Prepare Subcontractor tender enquiries and the adjudication of the Subcontractors offers.
  • Prepare and manage monthly and final statements of Subcontractors.
  • Prepare and manage wastage schedules.
  • Final revenue and cost estimates.
  • Cost Reports (Format and management thereof).

This service also includes the secondment of Quantity Surveying staff for short, medium, or long term.

As revenue and profit is the single most important factor in the industry, UKUTHEMBEKA CCC provides a service which consists of a “troubleshoot” logic.
UKUTHEMBEKA CCC will visit your construction site and investigate operations, check the measurements done to establish if ALL the works are measured in accordance with your contractual entitlement.

Should you require any other Quantity Surveying service not indicated above, we request that you contact UKUTHEMBEKA CCC which will assist with the matter swiftly.

This service consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Disruption claims.
  • Extension of time claims.
  • Loss and expense claims.
  • Act as Expert Witness.
  • Provide Expert Reports / Opinions.
  • Preparation of submissions to mediations, adjudications, arbitrations, and litigations.
  • UKUTHEMBEKA CCC has personnel that specializes in construction law which includes common law and hence will be of vital assistance in any dispute from assessing the validity of a claim to the conclusion of the dispute.

Should you require any other Dispute and Litigation Support Service not indicated above, we request that you contact UKUTHEMBEKA CCC which will assist with the matter swiftly.

This service consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Commercial and contractual review of tenders and ensuring that clarifications and qualifications are aligned.
  • Identify and evaluate project risks and opportunities.
  • Manage contract performance via appropriate control systems.
  • Manage contractual aspects to ensure that all contractual rights are maintained.
  • Give contractual and commercial advice to the team.
  • Resolving contractual and commercial issues.
  • Oversee / Review of monthly cost reports.
  • Setup of cash flow and forecasts and management thereof.
  • Identification, valuing, manage and write contractual claims.
  • Liaise with Clients and Consultants or Employer and Engineer.
  • Reviewing, scrutinizing, and developing operational process flows / procedures.
  • Setup of Cost Report process and systems.
  • Preparation of CCS files to link with BuildSmart software.
  • Setup of CCS files to do monthly cost and allowable comparisons.
  • Ensuring that all stakeholders, such as administration, operations, and finance understand and adhere to contractual obligations and reflecting them accurately.
  • Ensuring that the financial aspects and impact of a contract are clear to all parties.
  • Prepare, administer and manage Joint Venture and Consortium Agreements.
  • Prepare, administer and manage Subcontractor Agreements.
  • Securing, administering, and monitoring contract insurance and guarantees / sureties.
  • Commercial site audits.
  • Provide expert opinions.

Should you require any other Commercial/Contractual service not indicated above, we request that you contact UKUTHEMBEKA CCC which will assist with the matter swiftly.

The services consist of, but is not limited to:

  • Manage the critical path of the project.
  • Timely delivery of project milestones:
    • Set up and manage tools and procedures to control the project;
    • Accurate and continuous validation of project progress and continuous accurate forecasting of project schedule;
    • Document Management systems and procedures for the project, technical and commercial documents; and
  • Monthly Report compilation and submissions.
  • Coordinate all stages of construction.
  • Contractor’s compliance with contractual obligations.
  • Reporting on construction progress and milestone dates.
  • Manage the change order process for maximum effectiveness while minimizing delay and costs.
  • General assistance with the Planning functions on sites and in the home office.
  • Preparation of detailed programmes for construction areas on site.
  • Continuously capturing progress of work on site.
  • Updating monthly reports in terms of project controls information.
  • Attend internal progress meetings and meetings with contractors / subcontractors.
  • Assist with reconciliation and closeout of financial accounts.
  • Implement previous lessons learnt and capture future lessons learnt.
  • Assist with closeout of contracts and purchase orders.
  • Active assistance to project risk management process.
  • Executive Committee / Client report development and presentation preparation.

Should you require any other Project Management service not indicated above, we request that you contact UKUTHEMBEKA CCC which will assist with the matter swiftly.

UKUTHEMBEKA CCC can also provide you with training to assist with the transferring of necessary skills and knowledge which relates to certain aspects of a project. These short courses will, without any doubt, add to the margin and manage risks that are indeterminable:

  • Tendering / Estimating
  • Project finances.
  • JBCC (Common Law, Law of Contract, Clauses Commentary, Claim Procedures)
  • GCC (Common Law, Law of Contract, Clauses Commentary, Claim Procedures)
  • FIDIC (Common Law, Law of Contract, Clauses Commentary, Claim Procedures)

UKUTHEMBEKA CCC can also provide in-house training to you which can be tailor-made, dependent on your requirements:

  • Lookout! Contract risks.
  • Foreman reports: Information and the necessity.
  • Productions and Daily/Weekly Costing.
  • Know your BOQ and Contract.

Should you require any other subjects of training we request that you contact UKUTHEMBEKA CCC which will assist with the matter and can “tailor” the preferred subject to your specific requirements.

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