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Keeping track of and recording training hours as well as gaining applied knowledge, expertise, experience outside of on-the-job training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We are the simplest & most effective way to earning CPD Points.

We Facilitate Growth
& Smooth Project Completions

Our primary goal is to add value to your company, by providing independent, impartial and value-driven advice in the areas of Continuous Development, Procedures, Measurements, Cost Management, Operations, Claims Management, Settlements, Construction Management and Disputes.

24hr Training Access

Get access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses and accelerate your career & your company growth, through online & remote webinars and course content.

Project Estimating & Cost Management

We improve the accuracy of project estimates and budgets during project execution. We provide advice in keeping expenditures within the approved budget.

Claims, Dispute, and Arbitration Support

We specialize in construction law which includes common law, and extends to disruption claims, extension of time claims, loss and expense claims and more.

Construction & Project Delivery Consulting

We use cross disciplinary industry experience to arrive at strategic insights for our clients, from feasibility phase to developing and maintaining project schedules ensuring the highest quality is delivered.

Project Management & Reporting

Deliver agile building and construction projects with all round project reporting. We expedite your reporting process, create status reports, resource reports, variation reports, etc.

Reserve Your Seat for the
The Law of Contract in Construction Live Webinar

 This is limited time offer, ECSA accredited CPD online course that carries 0.7 credits. Take your construction career to new heights. Elevate your continuous Professional Development (CPD) with this comprehensive course in Construction Contract Law.

Courses & Associations

Enrol into one of our  CPD and ECSA accredited  Construction & Building  Courses to better understand specific topics in the industry. Our training courses are ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa) validated & the validation license is  IPET (Institute of Professional Engineering Technologists) which is recognized by the industry.

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Free JBCC Agreement – CPD Course

It provides an in depth comparison between edition 6.1 and 6.2 and also deals with the interpretation of clauses. Highlighting amendments, procedures and obligations.

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Free CPD Course- Master The Law of Contract

The Law of Contract explains the background of the law of contract and it provides the “need-to-know” detail in the industry in relation to various standard forms of contract.

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Free Common Law in Construction CPD-Course

This is a Free Course that deals with common law principles, and on how the standard forms of contracts change certain common law principles. in construction. CPD Points: 0.0

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Accelerate your career by Earning CPD Points

Earn points by enrolling in our accredited events, webinars, completing our online & remote courses and journals. This is one powerful way to keep skills up-to-date in a way that is recognized & tracked.

Ensure budget cost, timely and quality project delivery

We use cross disciplinary industry experience to to deliver prestigious projects. We are pioneers of new techniques and global practice providing authoritative standards and reports. We have a diverse team with various Professional Qualifications, Experience and Technical Knowledge of the building & Construction industry.

Project Estimating
Risk management.
Construction Industry consulting
Agile Project Consulting

Striving for excellence we deliver personalized service to the construction, building and engineering industry.

Construction Industry Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution in Construction

Comprehensive dispute resolution framework that includes mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Construction Disputes - Quantum Analysis Resolutions

Trusted disputes mediation to the world’s leading construction firms, owners, funders and investors. We have Experienced team of Experts to handle construction disputes with thorough analysis and reporting, covering Project Management · ‎Productivity Loss · ‎Schedule and Delay · Immediate Legal  Resolutions.

Dispute Resolution
Expert Opinion/Witness

Our Scope & Focus
Industry Service Sectors

Our Scope of coverage of the Construction Sector includes: Building Construction, Roads and Civil Construction, Built Environment
Profession, Electrical Construction, and Materials Manufacturing. 

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